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The Comprehensive Business Review is an integral first step of any Marketing Plan. It reviews through statistical analysis, the current position of a business, where it sits in the market place, and importantly, how and why it got there.

With this detailed information at hand, it is then possible to plan for growth.

As a business owner, relying on gut instinct and business nous may not be quite enough these days. A professional strategic approach is required.

The very existence of a business plan dramatically increases the likelihood of business success. The lack of a plan is equally risky.

Once the Business Review is completed, you are ready to tackle your Marketing Plan – A plan that is logical, practical and achievable.

You’ll be armed with all the information necessary to target the market most likely to provide growth in your business. Clear budgets are set, sales strategies determined, media plans prepared, now you’re ready to go.

A good plan and someone to hold you to it, is almost as important as your tax accountant.

Don’t be caught in business without either…

Client Testimonials

Michael and his team at Shortlist Marketing were instrumental in transforming Grants on Sherbrooke from a small kiosk into the testimonialsthriving business it is today. He provided us with our Marketing Plan, a full Brand review, staff training and ongoing advertising and consulting to ensure we stayed on track
and on budget.

Cheryl Campbell – Grants on Sherbrooke.

I found Michael and the team at Shortlist Marketing to be not only creative and innovative but always reliable and on budget.
It is a pleasure to work with them.

R Marchionna - Toorak